The Tony Sale Award
for Computer Conservation and Restoration

Computer ◆ Conservation ◆ Society

The Tony Sale Award in the Media

Being a sample of reports of the Tony Sale Award in national and international media.

November 2018 American Link Flight Simulators Win Britain’s Top Computer Conservation Award by Jack Schofield at ZDNET.

November 2018 Flight Simulator Restoration Wins Tony Sale Award for Computer Conservation by Dominic Lenton in E&T Magazine.

November 2018 Wartime Flight Trainer Returned to Service by Mark Ward in BBC News Online.

November 2018 Susan Sherwood of TechWorks! Interviewed on BBC Sounds (starts at 13 mins 6 secs).

January 2019 The Bundy Radio Hour Bundy Museum of History and Art [USA] (starts at 19 mins 20 secs).

January 2019 TechWorks! Receives the 2018 Tony Sale Award The Binghampton Homepage [USA].